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About Brian

It’s all about people.” I have worked and communicated with people for many years in a variety of challenging customer service environments. I believe this experience plus my knowledge of building materials, construction, and renovations provides a benefit not all home inspection professionals are able to deliver. I am fortunate to have acquired knowledge and skills that are an asset to my home inspection service package. My reward is a client who clearly understands the condition of the residence they are considering buying and is satisfied with the value I deliver. My clients must also feel that I have worked in their best interests and the inspection has not been influenced by any other party.

“The passion.”   To excel in any career you must have a passion for what you do. I have a passion for customer service. A satisfied customer who will recommend me and ClearView Home Inspections to their friends and family is the gold in the mine. The ability to deliver this kind of service is a key ingredient in my success.

My passion is for building and construction. I have a keen interest in the assembly of the components and operating systems of a residence. Ongoing professional development keeps me current with issues and information that is critical to a thorough home inspection.

Brian Boechler


250 317 2144

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